What Am I To Do ?

Some years ago, I started to write blog posts. The whole thing was rather disorganised since I had no knowledge of writing code and didn’t understand any of the instructions provided. I just needed a platform to publish my photos and mouth off now and then about this and that.

A few years on, technical problems became overwhelming and I migrated my blog to this host, WordPress. Long story short, after a few further years here, my blog is still disorganised, even though I now pay a not insubstantial amount to run this thing because I post too many pics for the ‘free’ version.

But I’ve become more and more dissatisfied with this outfit, because if I can’t find a specific post, how can my readers, right? So I was gearing up to tackle these not insubstantial problems, when the web host hit me with the notice that WordPress would switch to a new format. Great.

Now absolutely nothing works anymore. These are some of the messages I received tonight when I attempted to write in my travel blog:

I have no idea who or what Stripe is.

I just want to write my stuff, justify the paragraphs and post my pictures. Is that really too much to ask?

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